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What is the etiology of sickle cell anemia?

A 17-year-old African American female from the inner city complains of severe chest and abdominal pain. Upon examination, the attending physician performs an EKG, chest x-ray, and an abdominal and chest clinical examination and finds nothing. Assuming she is drug seeking, he sends her home. She comes back to the ER 4 hours later and […]

Does the question(s) and/or hypothesis specify the participants and research site?

Resources for this week please apply to answer Babbie, E. (2017). Basics of social research (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. · Chapter 5, “Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement” Burkholder, G. J., Cox, K. A., & Crawford, L. M. (2016). The scholar-practitioner’s guide to research design. Baltimore, MD: Laureate Publishing. · Chapter 4, “Quantitative Research Designs” […]

What has been your biggest success?

Identify and share two important learning opportunities you have had at your site. What do you feel has been your biggest hurdle? What has been your biggest success? Biggest hurdle – lack of confidence when interviewing clients( worry about making errors, or saying the wrong thing) Success – performing the intake, more comfortable

What issues or shortcuts are the most difficult to address with a colleague?   

Thinking about your role as a leader or future leader in health care and considering your personal experiences with a supervisor or manager, consider the following:   •What issues or shortcuts are the most difficult to address with a colleague? •What are some professional ways to communicate difficult topics such as tardiness, medication errors, or incivility? […]

In what way is the data collection tool used to support the reliability and validity of the study?

Use the content ofthe Applying the Background and Methodology of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care assignment, which was due in Week Two, as a guide to complete the following assignment. Respond to the following questions in 1,050- to 1,400-word paper:   Results: data collection methods In what way are the data collection procedures appropriate […]

Explain what influenced the law, policy, or regulation selected.

Create a timeline in which you discuss 3-4 important health care laws, regulations, or policies throughout the years that have impacted health care today.  Do not choose HIPAA as one of the laws.   Include the following in your timeline discussion: Identify the law, policy, or regulation selected. Explain what influenced the law, policy, or regulation selected. […]

Provide a rationale for the significance of this problem. The rationale must be supported by the current or seminal literature.

PURPOSE: It is important to understand how research can help you in your everyday environment as a nurse. In this assignment, you will identify a practical problem that emerges from the evidence in the extant literature or professional practice. DIRECTIONS: Chose a problem that you are encountering in your practice or about which you have […]