Respond one of your colleagues’ posts by offering a possible  resolution to their  questions/concerns with supporting documentation,  if possible, or  expanding on their thinking and providing an example as  support.  

at least 2 references in each peer responses!  You must do this to receive  maximum points! 

DQ #2


   As I begin my master’s program, there are many questions. Like most students, I am concerned with how most efficiently manage my time.  I am concerned that with working full time and going to school full time, I will not have enough time to read the assigned readings, complete the assignments, and retain the information required to pass state boards.  Throughout my BSN, I took one class at a time.  Taking two classes at a time leaves me feeling some anxiety as to whether I will comprehend and retain the information beyond the week’s assignment or test.  The academic skills center recommends using the SQ3R method to aid in reading retention and comprehension.  This is an active and process-based approach to reading that will allow you to remain engaged in the reading and help to retain the information (Walden University, 2019).  According to Rades (n.d.), some tips to effectively manage your time and increase productivity include making a list of things you know you waste time on  and minimize or eliminate those things, hiding or deleting social media apps, don’t multitask, and complete important tasks first.  Eliminating wasted time spent on unimportant things can buy more time for studying.  

           With spending most of my free time studying and doing assignments, how do I avoid anxiety and burnout?  How do have a positive work/school/life balance? According to Gordon (2015) meditation is a good way to relieve anxiety.  Small changes like mindfulness can have a large impact on our state of mind.  In the past, I have always told myself to take one day at a time. This has seemed to work thus far, but the Master’s program is a little more intimidating.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I set high expectations for myself, which creates more stress and anxiety.  Tips to reduce stress and anxiety would be helpful as well.

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