evaluate the ethics of a main character’s influence on another character or on viewers.


· If you have not done so already, choose a fictional show that is rated G or PG, such as a situational comedy or a drama.

· Watch one episode, paying attention to the situational factors, main characters’ traits, and characteristics of their attitudes. Consider who is the chief influencer in the episode and who is the main target of that influence.

· Also, consider how the characters or theme of the show may influence viewers like you.

· Consider the influence of culture on the characters (i.e., their own culture or the culture of others on the show) and how your own culture influences how you view the characters and situations.

· Using a relevant code of ethics (e.g., for a character’s situation or viewing the character through the lens of the profession you are interested in), evaluate the ethics of a main character’s influence on another character or on viewers.

Project (1 Page)

Post responses to the following:

· Identify the show you chose, and summarize the context of the episode. Who was the influencer, and who was being influenced? Include characters on the show and audience members, if relevant. Explain if a character’s behavior changed due to the influence of another and your prediction as to whether that change is temporary or lasting, and why.

· Explain the cultural dynamic presented within the show, as well as the influence of that cultural dynamic on the show’s characters.

· Explain how the culture of the show and your own culture influenced you as a viewer and influenced your analysis of the show.

· Evaluate the persuasive influence of character(s) from an ethical perspective, and note the code of ethics you use.

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