Explain the argument for cultural moral relativism

1. a)  Explain the argument for cultural moral relativism

b)  The absolutist responses to the argument can take two forms based upon either the denial of premise 1) or the denial of premise 2)

i) a) Explain the response that is based on the notion that  disagreement does not entail relativism; then

i) b) Explain the counter-response

ii) Explain the response that is based on the denial of the claim  that cultures have disagreed

c) Aside from problems with the argument in favor of cultural moral relativism, briefly describe what we called the All-or-none Problem with the claim itself, explaining in the process, the implication of true cultural moral relativism for being tolerant of other groups.

2. Use Socrates’ line of reasoning to explain the problem with defining ‘morally wrong’ as ‘prohibited by God’.

3. a. Explain briefly Nietzsche’s ideas of ‘slave morality’ and ‘master  morality’.

b. Explain and support what appears to be Nietzsche’s argument that we  can, and then that we should, change morality (from ‘slave’ to ‘master’).

c. Explain how one might criticize this argument in terms of Nietzsche’s  biological claim(s).

d. Explain how one might criticize this argument assuming Nietzsche is  moral relativist.

e. Explain the criticism of the argument assuming Nietzsche is a moral  absolutist by doing the following:

i. Explain where and how the argument seems to depend on a  connection  between biology and morality.

ii. Criticize such a connection between biology and morality.

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