How adequate does each journal article answer your question?

PSY 101 Fall 2018 Research Project

A. After completing the Launchpad Learning Curve exercise Learning Curve: 1b. Research Strategies: How Psychologists Ask and Answer Questions (this is in Launchpad) develop a related research question/topic that you would like to explore (Hint: look through the textbook Table of Contents for topics).

B. Search in the Concordia University library databases for two (2) peer reviewed psychology journal articles for each research question/topic to gain further information to begin answering your question. Do not use the articles listed in the Launchpad exercise. Write a 2- page paper that answers the critical thinking and information literacy questions listed below. The library guide provided below will be very helpful when completing your assignment.

1. Write a research question/topic you are trying to answer/research? (One Sentence).

2. How does this research question/topic connect to the immersive learning exercise you completed? Look through Learning Curve: 1b. Research Strategies: How Psychologists Ask and Answer Questions (Two – three sentences).

3. Describe the process you followed to choose your two journal articles (e.g. key words used, databases searched, how you narrowed or expanded the search).** (2-3 sentences).

4. Select the two articles that best answer your research question.

5. What criteria did you use to choose each of your two articles (i.e. think about why these two articles are the best resource for your research question)? (2-3 sentences)

6. Evaluate the quality of these two articles (e.g. who is the target audience of the journal).** (1- 2 sentences)

7. Who publishes the journal?**

8. What are the credentials of the authors?**

9. How current is the information?**

10. Is this a reputable source and how do you know?**

11. What type of publication is the journal, how do you know it is peer- reviewed?**

12. How adequate does each journal article answer your question? (i.e., do the articles answer your question or topic?). (1-2 sentences)

13. Present information that demonstrates how each article helps you answer your research question. (Read the ‘Abstract’, which is usually a small paragraph and ask ‘Does this article/journal answer or cover what I am researching/asking?). (1-2 sentences)

14. Why do you think your research question important and how does it add to information you learned in the immersive learning exercise? (Here is where you need to come up with a

reasonable topic/research question – ask a reasonable and simple question/topic). (2-3 sentences).

a. Look through Learning Curve: 1b. Research Strategies: How Psychologists Ask and Answer Questions and look at your question/topic.

b. For example, if your question/research topic are asking about the function of the left and right brain hemispheres, then do the articles relate and answer or add knowledge to your question. (2-3 sentences).

15. How do each of the two peer review journal articles add new perspectives/points of view to

your research question? (1-2 sentences)

16. What research methods were used in the studies and what conclusions can you make based on the authors choice of methodology? (e.g., random sampling, interviews, survey etc.). (1-2 sentences)

17. What flaws did you find in the research design or can you think of other ways in which the results might be interpreted or influenced other than what the authors conclude? (For example, if your questions were about right and left hemispheres, and the article title related to this, did the abstract relate to your question/topic? Did the authors answer the question?) (1-2 sentences)

18. Why did the assignment require you to access peer reviewed journal articles? (1-2 sentences)

Paper Format

• Your name • Class name • Name of Instructor • Date • Assignment Number (e.g., Research h Project Number 1, 2 etc). • Use Harvard citation. Times New Roman 12 point. All margins 1” or 2.54cm.

** These were covered by Rachel Wightman in the class exercise on Monday 24 September 2018. These items are usually in the article heading. Hint: Go to the Research Librarian Desk for any assistance.

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