How do managers, trainers, and coaches intentionally and unintentionally encourage the use of performance-enhancing drugs?

Question 1

Case Illustration

Consider the following case:

Sam is a 25-year-old professional hockey player who has a history of having difficulty getting along with teammates, coaches, managers, and agents. He is considered to be a highly skilled player; yet other professionals find it hard to work with him. One of his teammates gave an example of a time he failed to hear something Sam said to him, and when he asked for clarification, Sam skated over, hit him in the nose with his hockey stick, and said, “Quit yelling at me!” Later, Sam apologized profusely, but a week later, he slammed the same player up against the boards for missing a shot at the goal. When he is questioned, Sam admits to having a problem losing his temper, but he refers to these incidents as attacks he cannot control. Despite being put on probation for his unprofessional behavior, the episodes continue on a frequent basis. Sam additionally reports problems at home and with his family. Even while driving, there are incidents resulting in the same type of behavior. He described getting cut off by another driver once and responding by racing after the other car and alternately tailgating, trying to cut him off, or attempting to force the car off the road for nearly 10 minutes. His similar behavior has caused at least three accidents. After each episode, Sam reports feeling guilty and depressed and makes promises to himself, saying it will never happen again.

What are three diagnostic possibilities for Sam? Provide a rationale for the differential diagnosis.

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

[6/6] – Accurately related symptomatology to three different diagnostic possibilities. [6/6] – Justified the differential diagnosis of the presented case. [4/4] – Supported your response with references, texts, articles, and experience.

Question 2 (ANSWER)

Performance-Enhancing Drugs

How do managers, trainers, and coaches intentionally and unintentionally encourage the use of performance-enhancing drugs? What means would you use to help the entire team system (coaches, managers, and trainers) more quickly identify symptoms and discourage the use of these type of drugs?

[6/6] – Provided ways in which managers, trainers, and coaches subtly encourage the use of performance-enhancing drugs. [6/6] – Explained a plan to help the entire team system quickly identify symptoms of performance-enhancing drugs and discourage use. [4/4] – Supported your response with references, texts, articles, and experience.

APA rules for attributing sources.

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