Is the American family today a weak or strong institution?

1. Gender socialization begins at home. For better or worse, families help to construct the gender identities of their children. How might the unconscious distinctions parents make between their boys and girls help, in the long run, to perpetuate social arrangements that many would consider unjust? On the other hand, how might gender construction in the family help to counter or weaken the effects of gender discrimination in outside institutions, such as school or workplace? Use examples from the text and personal experience to illustrate your points.

2. Is the American family today a weak or strong institution? Is it a bulwark against potentially destructive forces in the outside society, or is it overwhelmed by those forces? Base your response on a careful analysis of the interaction between American families and at least three of the following six social forces:

. Racial and ethnic identity

. Social class

. Romantic love

. Contemporary sexuality

. Economic change since the 1970s

. Individualism

· In what ways does the American family structure show a connection between social problems and the individual manifestation of those problems? Support your points with evidence. For example, you could show how persistent unemployment is associated with personal problems such as domestic violence, underwater mortgages or poor school performance among children.”

· Within the American family, behavior that is today considered abusive or neglectful was once an acceptable, even normal part of life. On the other hand, actions that were once outrageous are now viewed as a normal occurrence. Describe three to five examples of family practices whose meaning has changed so dramatically that the neutral became unacceptable and the unacceptable became desirable. How did these changes occur? How can a sociological approach make sense of them?

use additional sources, at least one of which is a peer-reviewed source (per paper, not question), to strengthen your conclusions.  Whatever you use, make sure to give proper credit through citations and a bibliography (reference list) using APA formatting. Always double-space. 

· All of your answers should be in one document with all references listed at the end. Please do not copy and paste content from internet. As this paper wil go through turnitin software for plagiarism check.

Each question should be answerd in detail with references and citations. Each answer should be atleast 150 words.

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