What additional historical events or social factors may have influenced the creation or interpretation of each painting?

InstructionsArt as RevolutionThis week, we have studied works of art produced in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that reflected, or in some cases, incited, social change or even revolution.Carefully examine the following works, and read about each one in your textbook, course and video lectures, and through reliable internet resources:Hogarth, The Marriage Contract, from Marriage à la Mode, 1743-45David, Death of Marat, 1793Delacroix ,Liberty Leading the People, 1830Goya, Third of May, 1808, 1814-15Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1849In an essay of 5-7 well-developed paragraphs, address the following questions, making specific references to the five paintings listed above:How did each painting reflect or inspire social change or revolution? What was the social or revolutionary context of the painting?What additional historical events or social factors may have influenced the creation or interpretation of each painting?Explain how the style and specific visual characteristics of each painting contributed to or reflected its overall content or meaning.Do these paintings have the same impact or meaning to audiences today? Why or why not?Include details about the visual characteristics and content of each painting in your response. Provide proper citations for any information from outside sources included in your essay.

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