What does it mean to be a change agent?

wk3 discussion/Pf

part 1


What does it mean to be a change agent?

A change agent is a person who implements or promotes the changes in a group or an organization.in business it is usually someone who supports the new ways of doing things within an organization.

Give two examples of when you were a change agent or witnessed another nurse as a change agent

Leaders as change agent:

A leader can act as a change agent by supervising his subordinates (nurses) and by reviewing and regarding their progress, he can suggest the other ways of doing the thing and this way he can promote it in a better way and can increase the leading skills of nurses that can help the organization to transform and work more effectively.

HR manager as a change agent:

In order to bring change or to transform, a change agent should have a vast treasure of broad knowledge and the update regarding the new technology. And being the manager of HR, you can predict the potential difficulties in system or staff (nurses) and can bring a change accordingly by guiding them and increasing their potential by giving them a proper guidance in the eras where they are lacking their leadership skills.

What happened and how did the change occur?

The change usually occurs when there is some lacking either in the system or in the staff that is managing the system. Nurse leaders can bring a change by analyzing the current potential and the lacking points. It can also be done by encouraging the nurses to decide the best option to get the better outcome. Change can only occur if you share the knowledge effectively that will eventually help in enhancing their skills and will also bring a change in their attitude and behavior with other nurses. The major effective pillar in bringing the change was the cooperation with other nurse that gives rise to the remarkable leadership skills.

part 2

Have you worked to change anything on your unit? Have you seen other nurses change patient care or other functions in your organization? Please describe how the change was accomplished.

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