What impact do these stereotypes have on individuals of that gender, the opposite gender, and society as a whole?

gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotyping reflects the perceived psychological traits and characteristics of males and females and the related roles that are thought to be appropriate for each gender in the family, work, school, and society as a whole. Gender stereotyping impacts individuals in terms of how they view themselves and their place in society, as well as how society views the respective gender and the appropriate behavior and roles for each. The implications can be far reaching.

It is evident by studying history that gender stereotypes have changed over time. One obvious example is in the history of women’s suffrage. At one time, it was believed in the United States that women were not sufficiently mentally astute to vote on the important issues impacting society. A woman’s place was thought to be in the home raising children and taking care of the domestic needs of the family. With women’s suffrage in the early 20th century and the century that has followed, this stereotype has been changed. Not only do women vote, but they hold every office at all levels including heads of state and presidencies around the globe.

In this Assignment, you will explore gender stereotypes in some depth, including a consideration of the numerous stereotypes for both men and women and how these stereotypes impact individuals of that gender, the opposite gender, and society as a whole.

To prepare

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on gender stereotyping, the impact it may have on society and individuals, and cultural differences and similarities in gender stereotyping.
  • Think about the following questions:
    • What are common stereotypes for men?
    • What are common stereotypes for women?
    • How have these stereotypes changed over time? What stereotypes have not really changed?
    • What impact do these stereotypes have on individuals of that gender, the opposite gender, and society as a whole? Think in terms of the life of the individuals, the families, school life and the educational journey, work life and career options, health and wellness issues, sexual attitudes and behaviors, and so forth.
    • Consider whether and how any of the stereotypes have impacted you personally.
    • What impact has the media had on perpetuating gender stereotypes?

Write a 1- to 3-page paper in which you describe a gender stereotype that exists in your culture and analyze it as follows:

  • Explain the effects that the stereotype has on both males and females in your culture. Think in terms of the impact on family, school, work, health, sexual behaviors and attitudes, and so forth.
  • Explain what perpetuates the stereotype.
  • Explain how, if at all, this stereotype has impacted you personally.

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