.  Which of the cyber investigation tools might be the most effective for discovering unusual network incidents? Why?

1.  Which of the cyber investigation tools might be the most effective for discovering unusual network incidents? Why?

2. How can Internet spyware companies subvert network defenses and be able to exfiltrate data? What techniques do they use that are similar to malware? What would be the potential consequences if Internet spyware companies sold the system and application fingerprinting information they routinely gather to malicious users and enterprises?

3. What are two or more ways to stop data exfiltration to specific external enterprises?

4. Why are end users the most significant vulnerability in cybersecurity?

5.  If your e‑mail is configured to display web code and images, why is that a potential vulnerability? What kind of information leakages and attacks might you be subjected to?

6.  Why is it important to update your passwords periodically, especially if your anti-malware detected an attack?

7.  Why are banking transactions especially vulnerable to attack, to the extent that the banking industry recommends using a separate computer for these transactions? What can you do on your computers to increase security of banking transactions?

8. What is the connection between social media and protecting your other computer accounts? What kinds of information should you avoid sharing on social media, to address these vulnerabilities?

9. What are ways that cloud trust relationships can be strengthened?

10. Why is the risk of data loss more significant in the healthcare domain than in many others?

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