Whose Responsibility is It? Individual Action, Government Legislation, Corporate Buy-in, Conflict Resolution & Working Toward Sustainability.

Whose Responsibility is It? Individual Action, Government Legislation, Corporate Buy-in, Conflict Resolution & Working Toward Sustainability.

Use the links provided in the syllabus to provide a 500 word discussion post regarding your thoughts on responsibility. Answer the question “whose responsibility is it?” Look at the Sustainable Development Goals and see which of the ‘goals’ are directly or indirectly related to the topics and links/films, etc., that we have looked at.”
Write at least two sentences about the connections between what we are reading and watching so far and the SDGs”

You need to relate one of these links.

Links provided:

Universal Responsibility and the Environment, by the Dalai Lama: https://www.dalailama.com/messages/environment/universal-responsibility

Practical Steps Toward the Protection of the Environment, by the Dalai Lama: https://www.dalailama.com/messages/environment/practical-steps

Conscious Consumerism, CNN article and 3 minute video: http://www.cnn.com/videos/living/2017/07/31/retail-trends-conscious-consumerism.cnn

The rise of the conscious consumer: why businesses need to open up, in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/women-in-leadership/2015/apr/02/the-rise-of-the-conscious-consumer-why-businesses-need-to-open-up

Slow Food Movement USA: https://www.slowfoodusa.org/about-us
Slow Food Movement.com: http://www.slowmovement.com/slow_food.php

How a McDonald’s Restaurant Spawned the Slow Food Movement, Time Magazine: http://time.com/3626290/mcdonalds-slow-food/

The Business Case for Environmental Sustainability, American Bar Association, Business Law Today: https://www.americanbar.org/publications/blt/2015/01/03_grayson.html
How Philanthropy Funds Sustainability: http://www.sustainablecitynetwork.com/topic_channels/policy/article_be999460-e0c2-11e5-bf2f-eba869ce0f0f.html

NEW REPORT DETAILS ROLE OF PHILANTHROPY IN ACHIEVING U.N. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS IN UNITED STATES: https://www.cof.org/news/new-report-details-role-philanthropy-achieving-un-sustainable-development-goals-united-states

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